About Creative Point

craig pirmannOwner/Artist/Designer: Craig Pirmann founded the original State-Of-The-Art Graphics in 1987.



At Creative Point, there are more graphic services provided than not. We’ve been at this stuff since pre-digital days, even as far back as 1977, and in business since 1987. See our history for more details.

Generally speaking we have more experience, more education and more common sense than most of our local competitors combined. Many have used our ideas for years, and continue to use our ideas from back in the 90’s. We have created many, many logos which have lasted for decades.

We are not just signers, printers or computer software users who claim to be designers, we are gifted artists who’ve been educated in computer graphics and have many, many years of experience. Our knowledge base goes back to darkroom film and quality graphic layouts which are rarely even seen today. We actually helped build part of the bridge that connects the old way to today’s computer graphics. We have been beta testers for software like Corel, and many others over the years. We have traveled from one end of this country to the other testing and researching graphic workstations and software. We have trained many companies (Like: Deere & Company, Boss Manufacturing, and the Federal Government) employees how to use the very software we all know today like: Adobe, Corel, Isodraw and many others. Software is easy, being a creative artist is a gift!  Let us share that gift with your company…

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